Hydroponics: 7 Mistakes I made Growing Things In My Basement

This video is from Old Pantry.  Really appreciate this channel being willing to share both their successes and failures.   Most of all, he offers solutions for his failures.   During the winter months – many try indoor hydroponics.  Growing inside with hydroponics comes with its own special challenges.  Thanks to Old Pantry you can plan and head off the most of the problems.  So sit back and watch, learn and most of all so you can hydro grow.


  1. Great review 🙂
    I can see that growing with hydroponics comes with its own set of challenges but the 7 steps to watch for in this review will definitely assist in achieving success for anyone growing inside with hydroponics.

    Thanks for sharing the review

    • Hello Tracy – thanks for your comment. We hope to be able to introduce the healthy benefits for growing your own using hydroponics.

  2. Hi,

    Thanks for putting the video up, and the seven steps make it seem a lot easier.

    It does sound as if its something that needs to be done correctly to work so its good to have your guide.

    I always prefer other people to make the mistakes for me!


    • So true, so true if I only had practiced the same on many of the projects that I have started over the years. Thanks for the comment and dropping by.

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