Hydroponic System Kits – Review of AeroGraden

Areogarden Harvest Elite


AerMy first venture into Hydroponics was with an old AeroGrow AeroGarden. That I still have today. What nice little workhorse. The kit had everything you needed to get going, seeds, nutrients, lights, and instructions. We grew lettuce mostly. You can find used units on eBay. Unfortunately, AreoGarden supports the seed pods for these setups. I’ve tried recently to use a newer speed pod and nutrient kit with my old model. The lettuce was not like I use to remember. Probably something to do with the nutrients – still experimenting to try to get the right mix. I know you are getting tired of this, but here I go again – This quick review is based upon my experience AeroGraden


In 2013 Miracle-Gro made an investment in and took 31% ownership interest in AeroGrow and rebranded the company as Miracle-Gro Aerogarden. By 2016 Miracle-Gro established an 80% ownership in the company. This frankly was a smart move by both companies allowing AreoGrow to continue and Miracle-Gro to expanding into an innovative company. AeroGrow by that time had become the world’s leading indoor gardening system. The Aerogarden mostly works as advertised and most can really grow crops indoors. Since is their systems are compact, they fit well on countertops. There are instances when seeds just won’t sprout and turn into corps, but this is less common.


Yes, you can as long as you have the plastic seed pods and have the right mixture of nutrients for that plant. The AeroGarden system offers 50 different seed pods with a wide variety of non-GMO seeds, you can enjoy growing Areogrow lettuce, herbs, tomatoes, kale, flowers etc. If you decide to grow your own seeds – please make sure to select a plant that will only grow within the height restrictions of the unit. In other words, I don’t see you growing corn in a unit like this.


Walmart, eBay, Amazon – units can be found on online. And go on and off sale depending on the holiday so shop around. Prices range fromAreogarden Harvest Elite inexpensive such as the AreoGarden Sprout LED a little counter top unit up to more elaborate units like the crazy big AeroGarden Farm XL. Suggest you start small and work your way up if you would like to see if this form of Hydroponic unit is for you. The sale was so good at the moment I’ve just purchased the Areograden Harvest Elite.  Compact simple and just above the starter set, but not too crazy.  Once it comes in I’ll share with you the setup and how well it works.  Of course, I’ve added the AreoGrow Lettuce seed pod kit.   Which comes with everything from seeded pods and nutrients There is plenty of support out there including a AeroGarden Enthusiasts Facebook Group.   

For those who want to just dip their toe into hydroponics, I’ve published a post on DIY Mason Jar Gardening.   Plan to setup a DIY Mason Jar system and my Aerograden Harvest Elite to do a side by side comparison on the pros and cons of each.  Stay tuned and thanks again for dropping by.






  1. WOW!! I never even knew a product like this existed. This would be perfect to grow the herbs I need to make homemade salsa. Im wondering can you use this to grow year round and indoors?

    • Year-round 24 X 7 fresh veggies indoors can be yours. Herbs are a stable corp for Hydroponic gardening. While the Areogarden system is great here is a very good video on how to build a very basic system for lettuce and herbs without buying anything expensive equipment. https://youtu.be/A-DNrQoKcnc

      Thanks again for dropping by and commenting.

  2. This is a very smart way to grow your own veggies, I imagine you could start growing things with this and transplant them to a bigger garden if needed. Cant wait to see your update on the HarvestElite

    • Yes – many jump-start their gardens using hydroponics. It is a great hobby and doesn’t have to cost a lot to get going. Appreciate you dropping by and leaving a comment.

  3. Thanks for sharing from your experience. My wife and I were thinking to start a Hydroponic system too. We will follow your advice and we will start little, probably with lettuce like you did. Also I will start to follow the FB group. Soon we will also have a green thumb. Wish you the best.

    • Thanks – I guess I better get going on the FB page. If you really want to get started with something simple which you can make from stuff around the house check out my next post. Again thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment.

  4. Being a gardener ever since a little boy this really interests me, I have a question you might be able to help me with?

    I have a portable greenhouse in my kitchen, so would one of these systems give me better results than the portable greenhouse I am using now?


    • Depending on the fruit – strawberries are great, tomatoes of course and a traditional hydroponic fruit. Understand that Blueberries can be grown if you control the ph – they like high acidic. Will need to give them a try and let everyone know. For hydroponics, you need to pick ones that grow in wet conditions such as watermelon and cantaloupe. Thanks for dropping by…

  5. This is an awesome idea. I plant vegies from Spring until early Fall. Having this system will allow me fresh vegetables year-round. I hope the starter kit is not crazily expensive. Thank you.

    • They vary from really inexpensive to how crazy you want to go. What I like is that the AeroGarden system is really easy to set up and to maintain. If you adventurous check out any of my DIY posts. Thanks for dropping by

  6. This is interesting. I’d love to have something like this to produce my own fresh produce and/or veggies at the comfort of my home. I want to increase my intake of veggies and fruits and an aerogarden/ hydroponis like this will safe me the time of having to go to the store and buy produce which at times are not as fresh as the ones straight from the garden. Thank you for sharing your experience.

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