AeroGarden Harvest Elite – In Home Hydroponic Garden System

The AeroGarden Harvest Elite is a small but mighty in-home hydroponic garden system. For those who want something that is compact, easy to set up and maintain this is a great system.

From my other posts, you’ll find that I like to construct DIY hydroponic systems. Sometimes you just want something that is packed ready to go and is simple to operate. Even though I spent the weeks on DIY Mason Grow Jars, Grow Buckets, and other Kratky setups – there came along great sale that I couldn’t resist.

Many years ago, I first started into hydroponic gardening with a first-generation AeroGrow system. It worked so well, that when the opportunity presented itself, I decided to check out their new line of in-home gardening systems.

Compared to the older systems, the newer AeroGrow Harvest Elite system is surprisingly compact. Coming in a box that is s no more than 12” wide, 12” high and 8” in depth. Unpacked and without the light extended the unit is no more than 11” high, making it a great countertop system.

AeroGarden Harvest Elite

The basic system comes with instructions to get you going.

AreoGarden Harvest Elite

I choose the 6 pod Heirloom garden kit from the selection that was offered. When you order off of Amazon the system with seeded a 6 pod Gourmet Herb Seed Kit. The Seed Kit includes grow domes and hydroponic plant nutrient. In my case, I ordered the Heirloom Garden Salad Greens Mix Seed kit, also available from Amazon. You haven’t guessed by now; I am an Amazon Affiliate. While you can purchase AeroGarden systems from different outlets, Amazon usually has the best deal.

AeroGarden Heirloom Salad Greens Seed Pod Kit

The system consists of a Bowl for the water and nutrients that sets on a base. You plug into the base your pump and lights. There is a Grow Deck that sets on top of the Bowl. It is the Grow Deck where you will insert your Seed Pods.

AeroGarden Harvest Elite Bowl and Grow Deck

As mentioned previously the LED Light Hood is height is easily adjustable. You’ll be started off with the Light Hood adjusted to the lowest sitting for sprouting – moving it up as the plants mature.

Adjustable LED Light Hood

The Quick Setup Guide and the Seed Pod Kit instructions walk you through everything you need to know about getting the Pods inserted into the Grow base. They recommend that you use distilled water and you will add plant nutrients to the water.  As you can see the AeroGarden Heirloom Salad Green 6 pod kit comes with some very interesting varieties.   Have found Heirloom plants can be very surprising and delicious, can’t wait to see what grows out of this variety.

AeroGarden Harvest Elite 6 Pod Grow Deck

Once you plug your main power cord into your electrical outlet, the LED light will come immediately on.  Recommend from experience, not to be looking at the LED when it pops on, its really, really bright.  The Control Panel in the Base will also light up, ready for setup. At this point is where I ran into the only slight Con out of an overwhelming batch of Pros. The instructions are good, but the Up and Down buttons are sensitive to the touch. Please do not let this distract you from considering this unit. I just feel that the instruction could be improved upon slightly. A subsequent post will be dedicated to the Control Panel of this unit. Other less expensive systems have simpler controls to work with. Again this is something to keep in mind when choosing the right unit for your use.

AeroGarden Harvest Elite Control Panel

Overall the AeroGrow Harvest Elite in-home garden system is an outstanding compact hydroponic system that will give you a great start into countertop Hydroponics. If you would like a less expensive system, the AreoGarden Sprout, AreoGarden Harvest 360 Indoor Hydroponic Garden or AreoGarden Classic 6 are great buys.

Look forward to your comments on this post and any of your questions concerning this or other

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  1. This looks like it would be great for an apartment dweller. Personally, I like it as it contains everything you need to get started with hydroponics. When looking at the pictures it’s hard to believe that so much can come from something so small.

    I also like the idea that you can grow your own vegetables and spices all year long. I would love to have a greenhouse, but currently that is not an option for me. This seem to be the next best thing to a greenhouse though, and it can be placed almost anywhere. This also looks like it would be a great way to give hydroponics a try if you’re not ready to construct your own system.

    • Yes it is especially if you are not into a DIY system. This model is very easy to set up and I have sprouts coming up in the first two days. Thanks for the comment – please come and again.

  2. I have been considering an AeroGarden, and this looks like something that would be great in my home. Thank you for providing this information.

  3. Now this is an impressive product. I have never heard of this before. It looks very high tech and something I want since spring is just around the corner now.

    Thanks for sharing!

    • Hight Tech – but very easy to set up and use. My lettuce sprouts are coming up only after 2 days of starting the system. Please come back and visit again.

  4. I have seen these gardens and I think they are genius! I currently live in a townhouse, so no room for gardening, but when I did have a yard, I was in love with it. Fresh vegetables are so valuable and growing your own is not only a money saver, but healthier as well. I like knowing that my veggies aren’t sprayed or grown with anything I don’t approve of. I will definitely add this to my wish list! Thank you so much for the informative article!

    • It’s a great compact addition to any home. Simply to set up and get started – in only two days I already have lettuce sprouts. Plan to update everyone on the progress as they go along. Please feel free to contact us, if you have any questions.

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